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When designing, we guide the client through the way from an idea, sketch, idea to full technical documentation of the detail. At each stage, we perform a functional analysis of the product and propose creative technical solutions.


In the design offer, we can offer:

- counselling in the field of choosing the method of manufacturing the designed product made of plastic and the choice of material,

- modeling of the future product using various methods, starting from any stage at which the client's project is located

- visualization and 3D model of the detail,

- design of injection molds.

projektowanie form wtryskowych
projektowanie 3d cena

Experience  and creativity!

During the development of designs and models, our experienced design team, supported by in-house made prototypes, helps to solve problems during product application and its functioning. During the design process, we strictly adhere to the customers' needs and together we create a product that meets expectations.

Professional software

During the design of details and injection molds we use Siemens NX 11.0 environment, in which we make 3D models of details, elements of injection molds, as well as executive and assembly drawings.

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