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We offer the production of injection molds, according to our own and customer's documentation. Tools are produced in a friendly tool shop using conventional and numerically controlled machines and numerically controlled machines

We work
with the best

Producing injection molds we use materials and standards from reputable manufacturers. We cooperate with companies such as FCPK, HASCO and Meusburger. While designing hot runner systems we use solutions of well known brands such as Wadim Plast, PSG and Thermoplay.

Even large sizes

The tools used for machining allow for complex and large mold designs that can weigh up to one ton. The largest injection molds are up to 450x550mm in size.


In the tool shop, we can implement such processes as:

- milling,

- turning,

- EDM,

- surface grinding,

- wire cutting,

- polishing, also with the use of ultrasounds,

In addition, to obtain the appropriate properties for given mold elements, we perform thermal treatment in a hardening furnace.

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