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We make plastic elements in the injection molding technology of any production quantity, using our own, entrusted and trial molds of all types of materials, in every color.

Our machines

We manufacture products on six injection molding machines with clamping force from 50 to 160 tons and injection weight up to 380g. We specialize in manufacturing products from unmodified and modified technical plastics, such as: ABS, PP, PE, PET, ABS+PC, POM, PA, PBT, PC, PSU and many others.

Complete service

As part of project implementation, we offer comprehensive services:

- production of solid plastic products by injection molding using own or entrusted tools,

- confectioning of products,

- assembly of plastic elements into a finished product,

- printing and painting of plastic products,

- delivery to an indicated address.

Tailored to each client

We offer a wide range of processed thermoplastic materials. As part of the production process, it is possible to dye the workpiece in the mass. In order to obtain the desired color, we select a particular dye according to the customer's needs. If additional reinforcement of the material is needed, we offer injection molding of modified plastics.

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