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Plastics processing and 3D printing


Projektowanie 3D, wdrażanie i wytwarzanie technologią Formowania Wtryskowego oraz Druku 3D.

Doradzamy i wspieramy naszych klientów na każdym etapie realizacji projektu.

Doświadczenia w branży

Przetwórstwa Tworzyw Sztucznych

25 LAT

Doświadczenia w wytwarzaniu

Technologią Druku 3D

10 LAT

3D printing

Additive technologies, i.e. modern 3D printing, is a dynamically developing field of processing both plastics and metals. SYNETIK  performs prototype prints of elements before production in FDM , SLA , MJF or SLM technologies.

We also make 3D prints of replacement elements and new usable parts. This applies to both customer-supplied and custom-designed models.



We offer production of injection molds , according to our own and entrusted documentation. We make tools in the   toolshop with which we have been working closely for many years using conventional and numerically controlled machines.



SYNETIK   is a team of professionals with many years of experience . Thanks to the acquired skills , supported by practice in many fields of cooperation with clients, we provide reliable advice.

Support from SYNETIK specialists  is offered in the following areas: design, 3D printing,   production realization, adaptation of elements to plastic injection technology, also at every other stage of project implementation and commissioning, as well as production lines.

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We make elements of all types of plastic in any quantity, using injection molding technology. We work both on our own, entrusted and trial forms.

It is possible to produce the product in any color .



We specialize in a full-scale implementation development , from the design of fittings (moldings), through the design and construction of injection molds, technology of molding processes to the implementation of information series.

Our support includes technical consulting , visualization and prototyping , 3D modeling and preparation of models for 3D printing .


Contact Us

ul. Narwicka 2D
80-557  Gdańsk,

phone: (+48) 500 119 162

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