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Company keychain

Last week we printed our company keychains on the HBOT printer from 3D Printers.

Such an activity as part of embracing marketing. Because a keychain always comes in handy... and it's for keys, and it's for a flash drive, and it's for... well, exactly? What do you use keychains for?

In any case, we are giving away our keychains for free! All you have to do is write to us via Facebook or email:

You can also order 3D printing of the item. We have materials available: TPU, PLA, HD PLA, PA12, ABS, ABSex, ABSst, ASA, PMMA, PETG, HIPS and many others. Our goal is to produce plastic parts reliably and expeditiously.

Do you have an idea for a print or a project? Let's bring it to life!

Write to us at



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