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Cover sockets for RASTO wall formoworks in our construction sales offer!

In our new sales offer from now on we have available formwork elements just in time for your construction!

The rapid development of the real estate market in the world is resulting in ever faster progress of the construction industry. When carrying out construction work, companies decide to choose better quality items that make the work easier and guarantee the durability of workmanship.

As SYNETIK s.c. company, we have formwork elements to offer you!

Specifically, these are RASTO-type wall formwork, which is used to form walls in the rooms of raised structures.

Our first product in the offer is a replacement element, which is a shielding socket of a shuttering bolt, which is used in shuttering boards. It is made of polypropylene and available in two color options:

  • white (natural)

  • blue

Dimensions of the casing socket:

  • inner diameter: 23 mm

  • outer diameter (max): 43 mm

  • outer diameter (min): 35 mm

Elements sold in sets of 50 pieces. Larger orders are processed individually.

Links to allegro listings of cover sockets for RASTO formwork walls:

Do you have any questions about the product? Want to place an order for a larger quantity?

Write to us at



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