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Let’s 3D print it! SLA printing

SLA or Stereolithography is a printing method in which individual layers of a component are created from photo-curable resin using a laser beam.

Fast and accurate, this method is ideal for both prototyping and production of finished products!

Advantages of the method:

- high print resolution,

- smooth finish of the surface,

- printing of even the most complex elements while maintaining fine details,

- possibility to print rigid or flexible elements.

We print using the SLA method:

- with standard resins for modeling and prototyping,

- resins with special properties

- flexible resins.

We offer assistance in selecting the right resin and serve our experience at every stage from the idea to the realization of the project.

Coming soon!

We are working on expanding our offer with SLA printing using ceramic resins. Our goal is to obtain durable ceramics through proper selection of heat treatment process parameters. The priority is to ensure high dimensional accuracy and aesthetic surface finish of the final products.

Do you have an idea for a print or a project? Let's bring it to life!

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