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Plastic repair spots just right for your construction site

Plastic repair spots are used to repair the damaged part of the surface of formwork panels. Compared with generally available products on the market, our flecks are made of plastic (POM), so they do not absorb water! This ensures durability against the weather and the possibility of repeated use of the product.

They are made in the shape of a disc and are available in two sizes:

  • Ø40 mm,

  • Ø60 mm.

Thickness of the element: 3 mm.

The items are available in color gray.

Shuttering flecks are packed in packages of 100 pieces. Orders for larger quantities are processed individually.

Links to allegro listings of formwork repair spots:

Ø40 mm repair spots:

Ø60 mm repair spots:

Do you have any questions about the product? Want to place an order for a larger quantity? Write to us at SYNETIK Team


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