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At SYNETIK s.c, we test our products

SYNETIK s.c. is a company constantly improving the quality of created products, both those from our permanent offer and those made on request. We make sure that the created products meet the criteria asked of them, at a reasonable cost of their manufacture.

All products made by us, regardless of the technology of their manufacture, are also tested for mechanical properties. This is especially important when implementing new processing methods or for production with previously unused materials.

For products made by injection molding, we conduct a thorough strength and performance analysis. Such studies will enable the selection of many appropriate injection parameters, including injection speed and pressure, as well as plastic and mold temperature.

At SYNETIK s.c., 3D printed parts are also taken through this process. Our junior 3D printing specialist, Bartosz Ochał, also understands this problem and takes a closer look at it in his own master's thesis entitled. "Optimization of 3D printing parameters in terms of print quality for objects manufactured by FDM method from ASA material". In his thesis, he addresses the necessity of the tests performed to obtain a print with the appropriate properties characteristic of the ASA material. The above-mentioned tests enable the analysis of the printed material and allow to use its full potential by selecting the appropriate settings of the printing parameter.

The photos included show the produced polypropylene moldings properly prepared for tensile strength testing, as well as photos of the p ASA samples used in Bartosz Ochał's master's thesis. The printed samples were subjected to Charpy impact test, static compression test and tensile strength test.

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